Saturday, January 17, 2009

It all seems different

What a busy couple of weeks. So much has gone on to blog about. I have mainly been Tweeting it all so if you are a follower you got it all. I am loving taking pictures with the iPhone and posting them.

I downloaded a iPhone Twitter program called TwitterFON that is way better then Twitterrific which keeps prompting me to spend $9.99. I did not mind the ads. I am sorry maybe for $4.99 but TwitterFon is free and it is a lot better. Props to TwitterFon!

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I went to MacWorld last week. I walked the show with my friend Gene. We had a good time. I made him put on the glasses and he added the text.

We saw lots of new Mac things. I ran in to people I had not seen in a while it is always fun to reconnect with lost friends. I met some people from Apple and talked about the challenges of system integration at a lunch put on by Advanced Systems Group. I will post some more MacWorld pics in another blog.

This last week I have been working on several projects. There are three proposals I am either project managing or helping out on. All good news after wondering what was going to happen after the holidays. I also have been doing some engineering for the ongoing VZ project. It was my initiation to the project that has been going on for quite a while. It got me outside my normal world which is always a good environment for learning new stuff.

I added two more iPhone apps for learning Japanese. I am set up to go to Japan for our Buddhist Temple's Tozon pilgrimage in October. I am so excited. I always wanted to go to Japan and while I hoped to do it while I was at Sony I never got the chance before Sony sold our division. I have a plate my grandparents brought back from Japan on their trip around the world in 1956. It had a picture of Mount Fuji. I have always had a strong attraction to Japan, Japanese culture and Mt. Fuji. The temple is at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

Check out the plate picture.

Ohhh Awesome I can't wait.

I have also been working hard to improve my practice by chanting with the recordings I have. I want to be able to pronounce it right since chanting is all in Japanese. I am making progress I can see now. I think I'm turning Japanese and loving it.

I am very excited about the inauguration of our new president. I just watched the latest video he sent out. I like the idea of a continuing grass roots effort.

It is interesting to have the first Internet President. Someone that gets it. I think Open Social, Twitter, and Facebook are going to make a huge impact. I have seen multiple ads for streaming of the inauguration. I am wondering how the Internet will hold up for all that. Ustream is going to have a client ready for the iPhone to watch it.

I watched a bit of the Bush farewell. Bye George! It was too stupid to watch the whole thing. If I were him I would just say. Sorry and leave. It would make a nice live shot moment when he gets on that big helicopter.

I am giving a talk for the PMI about the DTV Tranistion. I have been putting together the presentation using Keynote. I need to keep working at it. You know that plane that landed in the Hudson? Well now they want another reprieve to push back the date. Another crash landing. They are worried not enough people have a way to watch TV once it happens. They ran out of converter box coupons (blame George and the stooges) I swear for as much as they talk about Intelligence in Washington it is sorely lacking.

I am all ready for the transition. I am on the waiting list for a coupon. I am thinking of converting to DirecTV. Goodbye Comcast.

Ya I work in TV can't you tell? I am waiting for the prices to come down.

We have become addicted to Kitty-Cam. Sandi has been chatting with Josh and others on the site. Cat people!! Good times!

We both have Ustream accounts now. So cool! Stay tuned!


Lori D said...

Japan, very cool. My cousin lives there and seem to enjoy being there. I wish I could have gone to MacWorld, one of these days I'll take that "pilgrimage" to the land of Steve!

Le visage d'avril said...

Ya I can't wait.

MacWorld was ok sans Steve. I have been to some cool MacWorlds. The iPhone roll out was fun. I remember taking my son to one that we watched the keynote from the Apple booth.

I got a free pass after paying this year. They want it to continue. I think it will. I remember the days of the West Coast Computer Faire. If it gets smaller I would be surprised.

Come up next year!

Anonymous said...

Cool on the new iPhone app you have. I'll have to check on twitter to see how you have used it. My head is getting bigger after today's Nanotechnology class, but it was good to see you had updated your blog on one of my breaks.