Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Leap second [look first]

Well we saw Milk. It was really good and as with most movies (even funny ones) I cried. Sean Penn was amazing as Harvey and Josh Brolin was downright scary as Dan White. The movie brought back memories of growing up in the bay area and seeing Harvey on the news. I had clients and friends that knew him. I was working at a bay area TV station when Mayor Moscone and Harvey Milk were murdered by Dan White. I remember people screaming when news hit the station. It was 12 days after the Jonestown massacre and everyone was more than a little on edge. November was a month of bad news. It seemed to me that the world had lost it. I had figured out I was bi so I identifed with what was going on but it was long before the LGBT umbrella. I met my first openly gay man friend in 1971 when I started doing work experience at a cable local origination TV station. I had already been with several guys by that time. He committed suicide in 1975. I think he would be amazed to see me now.

I have been reading about the leap second that will be adjusted this year. I don't think it will be as crazy as Y2K but in the TV broadcast world you might see some artifacts. Computers sometimes burp at time changes.

We are staying in for New Years. I am going to pop the bottle of French Champagne I got as I was leaving Paris.

I wish everyone love and strength for 2009.



Lori D said...

I'm staying home tonight as well. Working for double time tomorrow. Happy New Year!

Le visage d'avril said...

Mmmmmm Double time.

I had to work holidays at the TV station. the good news was I did maintenance so there was nobody there to break anything.